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Opal A Roszell

Introducing Opal A Roszell @opaliving

Opal A Roszell

  • Welcome to Opaliving.

I am pleased to introduce Ms. Opal A Roszell, the inspiration to the masses; Promoting Social & Emotional Competency Online.

Here to astonish you with random thoughts from the obis. It seems unlikely you will find a creator as such. With a keyboard in hand, every letter…

Do your research, give good advice, add value for your readers

Hard Work – Quality and Quantity

It takes hard work and a lot of time to produce quality work in quantity. It is an emotionally draining experience, learning and writing, making mistakes and growing, almost like our childhoods. We feel the growing pains. …

A powerful writing technique that can help changes the direction of your life.

Take a Writing Detour

Do you jot notes of some kind? Maybe when you’re on the phone, you doodle or twirl your hair with your fingertips? Sometimes people bite their nails. All in an earnest attempt to focus, as we all twitch in stillness. Sometimes it’s within external interactions, some things in deep thought…

Easy tips to transform your life.

Wealth and Health

Often forgotten tips as I see many people driving recklessly, or in the grocer with three carts pushed by the children of people that don’t meal plan but rather purchase on impulse. Advertising has a lot to do with it, but people have the choice to choose what they consume…

Tips for Fire Safety for Kids

Fire Safety for Kids and Parents

The Halloween Jack-o-lantern

  • Remove flammable items such as newspaper, drapes, toys and hanging artwork from around the perimeter of your home.
  • Light-up jack-o-lanterns are a great idea to decorate your home. Please keep them in the kitchen away from candles and other combustible items.

Do not leave candles unattended. If you must go…

Simple Solution to help in a Global Pandemic

Cure Covid Already

Laws have been changing since July 1, 1867. Our forefathers and foremothers fought for our rights—shaping society and social systems that have constantly been evolving. I can not contest the Bible, but there are grounds for argument when laws have no merit.

Some argue we must follow this 154-year-old socio-culture…

What We Know About the Moon

What We Know About The Moon

The Moon is the Earth’s nearest celestial neighbour. The Moon’s distance is only about 238,855 miles (384,400 km). At its average distance from the Earth, the Moon can appear to us as the middle of the Sun.

It also has the largest crater diameter of any planet in the Solar…

Simple organizational strategies to build a better foundation for success.

Being Rich

Living rich doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Ask yourself what do you spend money on? When you realize you can use the creative process of project planning and organization will make you the money, you will learn that you are already more prosperous than you think.

  • It’s…

Wealth and the Brain

Emotional Investing

HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SUCH AN IDIOT?” IF YOU’VE never yelled that sentence at yourself in a fury, you’re not an investor. There may be nothing across the entire spectrum of human endeavour that makes so many intelligent people feel so stupid as investing does.

That’s why I’ve set…


Don’t get stuck on the broke side of the border.

Population Rates

Poor communities will suffer higher death rates. They will struggle to access resources, and more so than ever, the future holds a level of poverty for some this world has never seen.

By 2050, the human population will probably be more significant by 2 to 4 billion people, more slowly…

Opal A Roszell

Inspiring Social & Emotional Competency in Online Communities. Savouring the flavour of life. Freelance Writer & Content Creator 4 Hire @opaliving

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