China’s Weather Modification Technology Used In Canada 2021

What was once a conspiracy is now a new reality…

Opal A Roszell
9 min readApr 18, 2021


Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht from Pexels

China Clearing The Skies With Cloud Seeding

Altering Agriculture & Enhancing Contivertial Military Applications For International Research Projects Now Expanding Into Antarctica

Weird Weather

  • Not a single cloud in the sky, literally.

We in Alberta are witnessing Cloud Seeding — causing delayed budding of plants and many other environmental changes such as drought, flooding, hail, and different odd weather. Just a few months back in Calgary, there was a strange winter thunderstorm with lightning and thunder.

What was once a conspiracy in 2018 is all too real in 2021. Let us look to the skies and see what’s going on up there.

Dry Unusual Spring

The cloud seeding process results in enhanced evaporation rates of the “snow”/precipitation they induce. When the particles land on the ground, they are bound to the water particles in part.

The water gets absorbed into the ground by these heavier, denser particles that the water molecules attach to.

Weather Modification 2021

It is apparent weather modification is underway in Central Alberta, Canada. Three full days, in the rainy season of spring, not a single cloud in the sky.



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