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Hot Stocks Ready for 2022 Growth

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Penny Stocks 2022

In 2021 people seem a bit offset by a global pandemic, not entirely sure where to invest their pennies. I bring good news 2022 holds some excellent prospects for investments. Property is an exceptional alternative. If you are interested in penny stocks, these stocks are right on par with a trend proven to be increasing with minimal risk. Always do your research before investing any money into any financial endeavor. In this case, I did research, and this is what I found;


Company Name:
Symbol Price: (as of 26th July 2021) 52-week change
Average Volume (3-month)
Market Capitalization

1. Boxlight Corp BOXL 1.96 -14.78% 3.36 Million 109 Millio0n
2. CloudCommerce Inc CLWD 0.016 66.05% 6.59 Million 16.7 Million
3. Zomedica Corp ZOM 0.61 269% 31.5 Million 587 Million
4. First Majestic Silver Corp. AG 13.12 -4.65% 4.52 Million 3.3 Billion
5. Cielo Waste Solutions Corp CWSFF 1.105 3,058% 704,250 396.6 Million
6. Clickstream Corp CLIS 0.142 89.2% 1.03 Million 11.54 Million
7. Gold Resource Corporation GORO 2.05 -55.34% 1.11 Million 154.1 Million

The top penny stocks for 2022

BRM Technologies Inc.

TradeStation BRM Technologies Inc. (OTCPK: BTCT) is a tech solutions company currently in a transitional stage.

BRM is planning to become an entertainment software provider for gaming and entertainment.

This platform will include products for digital media, interactive gaming, multiplayer social platforms, video streaming, and social networking.

One of the key shareholders of BRM is BioTime, Inc., which is currently also developing a two-generation stem cell therapy for the treatment of degenerative eye diseases in adults.

It is believed that these initiatives will assist in the catalyst development for BRM in the…



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