10 New Products on Amazon 2021

Exploring New Tech Available in North America

Opal A Roszell


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Mass Customization

In today’s world, manufacturing is changing to a mass customized experience for every individual. Meaning companies that would, at one time, for example, produce 5000 small, 5000 medium and 5000 large (t-shirts), now those same companies are changing to a more online purchase platform where they can better regulate how many of one item to manufacture depending on the purchase demand. Helping to reduce our carbon footprint combined with the companies bottom dollar. When producing in a customized fashion, manufacturers can cut costs and be more efficient.

Cutting Costs?

I have always wondered why if companies are getting more efficient on a large scale, why is it that everything gets more expensive, even when the game's goal is to lower their overhead and increase profit. Why not just make things affordable?

Amazon Products

In light, it is Amazon to see the influx of new products opening up to the North American market, several years after other countries have released these innovative products.

Top 10 Amazon New Tech:

  1. LED mask
  2. GPS Item Trackers
  3. GPS Dog Tracker
  4. The wallet that Protects your Privacy
  5. Gloves with Built-in Flashlight
  6. Portable Washer Machine
  7. Mini Washer Dryer Set
  8. “Fish On” Electric LED gadget
  9. Glasses for Computers and blue light (prevents stains)
  10. LCD Electric Writing tablet




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