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Stupid Commentary.

Opal A Roszell


“Picture of a girl smooching a fish after catching it on a camping trip with her family”

Picture By Opal A Roszell

I recently received a series of ignorant texts from a male friend's daughter. For six years, she had thought my son killed a goat with a hammer. We had gone camping each year since her belief started, and she never said a word to me about it.

Spending lots of time around each other, enough to have at least been curious. Would you confront a person and ask about the murder of a goat by their, at the time, eight-year-old son?

I mean, I get it, it would be a weird conversation, but when you hear outlandish stories, and you are making an assumption or guess; THERE (not WHERE) is always a possibility a person doesn't know unless they are direct and ask.

Or you could appear very dumb when you find out everything you thought about that person is wrong! How does one recover from such humiliation of their own doing? Pride killer big time! I let it go and wanted to wipe the slate clean, pinky swears, cross my heart hope to die prick a needle in my eye — scouts honour!!

So I say call on these rumours. This is because intelligent people have common qualities such as empathy, curiosity, patience, and insightful self-awareness. They can be the quiet ones with people they are not familiar with. This is because most commonly, intelligent people like to think before they speak and assess the situation in the solitude of the mind. Being inquisitive is intelligence gleaming through.

Regardless, this person said to me several great insults. My mere responses were short and blatantly mean. I called her a dumb a$$, My apologies. But seriously, she wrote this to me: "Where not dumb." I was all like, whaaaaat!

It was funny you had to be there. I will tell you the details of this storey piece by piece over time. Please keep your eyes peeled for more on dumb people and stupid things they do and say.

People's children.



Opal A Roszell

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