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Opal A Roszell
5 min readApr 27, 2021


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Adding The Feelings of Reading

What is one thing every person in the world has experienced? Let’s say that the sun is shining down on us as an easy example. How would you describe a moment in the sun? I’m sure every writer could write it differently and have nearly the same results.

  • Unfortunately, too many writers have nothing to write about other than writing.

My Description

The clouds drift softly to the side as the sun begins to beam down into the depths of your soul. Absorbing the energy through every follicle, every pore, every morsel of being, feeling a sensational warmth. It kisses your forehead. It dances through the leaves on the trees. Waving your directions as the clouds whisk on by. Until the clouds slowly cover the once energetic vibrations of the sunlight. Replacing it, at that moment, your warmth with a hazy gloomy feeling of grey that washes over you.

Just as the sun disappears for a singular moment, chills creep across your skin like the tiny legs of a spider trekking to the top of the water spout. And just then, at that moment, a droplet hits your cheek, still seeing the sun illuminating the shadows far off in the distance.

And you are in a trance. Imagining being where ever you are with the sun beaming down. We can all relate, but how many of us can describe it in a way that touches the hearts of millions?

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Nothing Special

I certainly don’t proclaim any profound understanding of the English language, but I can say this; there are too many people writing about how to write.

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I can easily describe to you the real foundation of writing. Then it is up to you to apply this knowledge or disregard it entirely.



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