Resort Stay’s Gone Wrong

Behind the scenes with hotel and resort schemes.

Opal A Roszell
7 min readMar 26, 2021


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It was just a few years ago that I went to the Dominican Republic.

I went twice, two years back to back, to the same resort. Unfortunately, not by choice. I first booked in with an RIU in the Dominican Republic because my thoughts were an RIU Resort is an RIU Resort. I came to the table with certain expectations.

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Other RIU’s

My previous travels to RIU Resorts were classic. Aruba and its port town are beautiful. Quite lovely with a double-decker open-topped fancy bus to tour around in. Although, in Costa Rica, there is more wildlife and its lusher. Both those stays were exceptional. On those trips, it was first class, large balcony presidential suits, the best of everything. Typically, people can go to one of these resorts without issue, for a lower rate than we paid through the travel agency that made the arrangements. I loved Costa Rica, so tropical.

Other Experiences

Having been all across South America and the USA, I feel confident that scuba diving and sunny beaches are where my fondest memories live. Way back when, a long time ago. It’s the least I can do with a global pandemic to give you some imagery to think on and reminisce.

Have you ever boarded a plane? Where have you gone? I love writing to an audience because what I ask may be thought-provoking or, better yet, a great conversation starter. There is just so much leg room around the topics I like writing about that anyone can go anywhere with it.

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So Let's Dive In

Diving in Aruba isn’t as good as Costa Rica because Aruba is known to be breezy, and the water has more of a current. Despite its clear tropical blue teal colour, it can be harder to see depending on the time of year you dive. This is typically a rule of thumb in diving that water changes at different times of the…



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