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Forgotten Subscription & Membership Fees are Adding Up

Opal A Roszell
6 min readMar 29, 2021


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Over Paying & Mental Health

My mood seems sour today. I am not my peaching analytical self. Usually, less angry at the world, but today is a new day. Yesterday has past and tomorrow is still to come. It’s close to that time of the month, where we get out our banking apps and pay our bills. This always stresses me out because I prefer letters over numbers. (Math is not my cup of tea.)

We read website content ads, advice all on different platforms and websites. We also subscribe to things like Amazon Prime, iCloud, Netflix, Cable/Internet. Even coin collecting sites and sites to get horoscopes.

Cost of Living

Everything nowadays costs something on the back end. The user might enjoy the benefits offered by the site or platform for free, but most buy things from third parties, which is enhanced by good ad placement. Other rigorous processes of marketing are at play in these environments as well. Including physiological and neurological strategies implemented into advertisements trick you into thinking you're getting a good bang for your buck. When in fact, you're participating in consumerism.

Paying to Make a Profit

Business professionals are buying up costly advertisements to inject into these high-traffic sites. Meaning someone is paying these big companies at the end of the day. Sometimes it’s the user, sometimes it the marketer. Maybe this causes the suppression of free platforms pushing users onto paid subscription sites?

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Memberships Fees and Subscriptions

For example, there are many movie sites, not as profitable as Netflix. Very few people would even know where to find these off-grid sites. So often, masses of people will use one platform because it's “trending,” encouraging its growth and influential presents by lucratively enticing users with marketing strategies.

Pay Per View/Click



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