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Opal A Roszell
7 min readMar 21, 2022


"Friends make memories, and memories last a lifetime. Enemies make memories just the same. Make good memories who cares about making new friends; the old ones are hard enough to keep. Slightly sarcastic face emoji."

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Yesterday was like every other yesterday. It has passed, and I shouldn't waste your time with tales of yesterday unless there is an added value for today before we forget life's little lessons. (I tweeted it moment by moment, so it is stained into the internet for life, hahaha) (totally joking emoji)

So I decided to find something about yesterday that we could learn from. If it wasn't yesterday for you, it was probably a day you lived despite all factors.

Yesterday went like this;

First, the day before that was full of this and whatever led to yesterday and now lives in the moment. For me, it was the planning of a two-year-old boy's birthday.

I am sure everyone has planned to do something nice for someone, planned a gathering, or arranged to get together with someone to do something fun. And we have to follow through with our friends when we say we are going to do something.

We have all been there. So I wanted it to be great; I visualized this nice pretty boy party with paw patrol music (quite kinky in a weird but not derogatory way). Everyone wants things to be good or excellent, right?

I sure like great things, and I feel like a cheater if I half-ass something, and it is just plain Okay. I enthusiastically, prepped and planned and bought everything, got presents. The way I would have liked someone to help me for my son's second birthday.

I didn't have that kind of luck or social skills for real friendships at 22—ashamed face emoji. Slapping forehead emoji, I still don't, sugar!

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