How to Increase Your IQ Score

Maybe you are missing metal in your diet?

Opal A Roszell
2 min readJul 8, 2021


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Baby Brains

Babies’ brains are being built from the nutrients in the mother’s body. Did you know that babies with elevated iron levels during the mother’s pregnancy are approximately ten IQ points smarter than the average baby? Proving babies need iron. Humans need iron in general.

Metal in Everything

All-natural life breaks down through decomposition; into microscopic metal particles when burned. That is what ash is. Hence it’s extraordinary old fashion cleaning powers.

Ash is the main ingredient in the old fashion and homemade soaps alongside chemicals like alkaline. A robust corrosive chemical induction happens when we burn hardwood and use the white ashes to make such substances. A metal compound is all that remains after exposure to intense heat. Abrasive, microscopic particles of metal make up ash in its whole.

When something is burned to ash, the ashes can be analyzed to determine the item or thing by the different metal particles left in its wake.

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Importance of Iron to the Body

Iron and other metals are crucially essential to a human's body and mind. Suppose you are considering having children or have children, even if it’s just you. By investing in higher iron-enriched foods, you can increase your and your family's IQ simply by adjusting one’s diet. Scientists have proven we could improve the Global IQ by ten points by injecting more natural sources of iron into our diets.

Iron is fundamental to brain development and cognitive functions. Are too many people suffering from low iron levels and may not even know it.

Check out the links in this article, learn a little and let us begin the journey of promoting social and emotional health. It all starts with diet!



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