Canadian & Global Water Distribution

How Provincial, National & Global Distribution of Water

Opal A Roszell
5 min readMay 3, 2021


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Water Is Essential

Water is exciting! The simplistic nature yet unbelievable need and power provocative, supernatural abilities are fascinating, to say the least. Diving into the topic of water will be like that first big leap off the edge into a splash of water, cooling you in the summer heat. Water is our everything as dirt is to earth. Fundamental resources are now exploited and abused. Reused and treated with chemicals to try and clean it of all the microscopic killers that live inside this clear phenomenon of nature. Water…

Water is one of the essential substances on earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there were no water, there would be no life on earth. Apart from drinking it to stay alive, people have many other uses for water.

These include but are not limited to;

  • Washing our hands and bodies
  • Washing clothes
  • Washing, cooking and eating with utensils; such as; saucepans, and cutlery, for food preparation and food consumption
  • Our physical water intake
  • We are keeping houses and communities clean
  • Recreation, such as swimming pools etc.
  • Maintenance of the plants in gardens and parks
  • Manufacturing
  • The Good and Services Sectors
  • Factories and Transportation

Water is also essential for the healthy growth of farm crops and farm stock and the making of many if not all products.

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