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The Mind Of The Anxious & How To Cope With Panic

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Anxious These Days

Everyone gets excited sometimes, sometimes even nervous. Several million chemical combinations are transforming your body at any given moment. A warm cup of soup for the soul is similar to meal-making for your brain and its process. Giving you the ability to respond to situational stress in an emotionally correct proportion. When experiencing a panic attack, all logic leaves the mind, and a mixture of chemicals leaves you in a state of shock. This article will take you through the journey to the mind of the anxious and provided tools for your interpersonal toolbox.

Survive the stress!

The Panic Sets In

The first part of an Anxiety diagnosis is based on the length and severity of the anxiety. If you are just excited or nervous at the moment, the body makes and creates chemicals to help you emotionally manage for a short duration of time while your body undergoes any form of demanding physical or emotional, physiological or otherwise “stress.” When it becomes chronic in nature, your body takes a grave toll making these chemicals, or if it doesn’t make them, you became mentally disoriented.

Good & Bad Stress

Despite there being good stress and bad stress, the kind that gives you panic attacks is, generally speaking, the stress that produces a chemical imbalance in the brain which then reacts why responding differently than the person would without the induction of naturally produced stress hormones and such.

The Panic Attack

Now that we understand that what is actually happening when a person has anxiety, they produce these chemicals more than the typical person. Possibly for very little reason at all. Most panic attacks are brought on by a few things; situational stress, sudden onset, and prolonged anxiety. We also understand that bodies need good food to produce energy and the proper chemicals to help one manage. Another good point is to remember that the food you eat does, in fact, impact the choices you make. Researchers found that eating different healthy and lesser healthy breakfasts actually makes quite the dramatic difference…



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