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Take a Writing Detour

Do you jot notes of some kind? Maybe when you’re on the phone, you doodle or twirl your hair with your fingertips? Sometimes people bite their nails. All in an earnest attempt to focus, as we all twitch in stillness. Sometimes it’s within external interactions, some things in deep thought…

Science & Technology

2022 projections and projects by Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs alive. He has revolutionized the automotive industry with Tesla, the solar power industry with SolarCity, and space exploration with SpaceX. Over the years, he has created innovative companies and changed entire industries. …

Future Science

Trending Technology and Investment Overview 2022

Neuralink is a company that plans to create a brain-computer interface (BCI) by implanting “neural lace” electrodes into the brain. This technology will allow humans to communicate with the computer and make it easier for disabled people and those with cognitive impairment.

Neuralink is one of many companies trying to…

Health Science

What kind of health issues will stem from the cures of today?

Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping a log. Have you ever done that? Do you intend to monitor something on your calendar, then forget to follow through with your intentions? For example, I have been experiencing some strange effects from my living circumstances and have wanted to keep a log or…

Health & Science

You Need To Know This

Life-Saving Treatment or Too Risky?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the agency that monitors the spread of infectious diseases in the United States. They also provide a vaccine to cure that particular disease.

  • There is a policy where the CDC will give pandemic orders if they deem the treatment for a…

Health & Science 2022

Become a Verified Control Group Participate 100% Legitimate

It is important for researchers to have a controlled group of participants in medical studies. This controlled group of participants is typically the people that are taking the medicine.

This controlled group must be monitored closely to make sure they are getting the proper dosage of their medication or no…

What’s Trending in 2022

AI and Deep Learning

What is the future of AI? It’s a question that we’ve been trying to answer for decades.

Many experts and organizations believe that artificial intelligence will become so advanced in 2022 that it will be indistinguishable from humans. But not everyone thinks this is the case.

Deep Learning is one…

Opal A Roszell

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