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I am pleased to introduce Ms. Opal A Roszell, the inspiration to the masses; Promoting Social & Emotional Competency Online.

Here to astonish you with random thoughts from the obis. It seems unlikely you will find a creator as such. With a keyboard in hand, every letter typed comes from a place of creative wisdom. This word warrior Aries has a fresh take on writing.

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What Makes My Writing Valuable

Content Creation…

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Hard Work – Quality and Quantity

It takes hard work and a lot of time to produce quality work in quantity. It is an emotionally draining experience, learning and writing, making mistakes and growing, almost like our childhoods. We feel the growing pains. In this case, I invite you to read some of my articles as I was just acclimated as a Top Writer in Economics.

My articles include future technology innovations, AI, coding, financial investments, diversified economics, weather modification, science, Super-Rich lifestyles, finding ways to earn real tangible income in today’s economy, and so much more.

Indulge today in a piece from my profile page…

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Take a Writing Detour

Do you jot notes of some kind? Maybe when you’re on the phone, you doodle or twirl your hair with your fingertips? Sometimes people bite their nails. All in an earnest attempt to focus, as we all twitch in stillness. Sometimes it’s within external interactions, some things in deep thought; do you have a kink in the cord? Are you a person with a twitch in the silence? You need a getaway if you have hit a roadblock; here is your detour.

Learn To Use A Powerful Writing Technique

This is the single most powerful writing technique that improves overall mental organization, leaving those doodling days behind…

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

NASA’s Newest Moon Mission 2023

You may find it odd to know the following fact, don’t worry, you have not missed out yet. There is still time and seats available — considering Nasa has not designed a winter coat for -80 degrees, let alone 40 degrees below, I am almost positive that you won't be flying to the moon by 2023.

But there is a moon mission. Innovators in the industry are ramping up for the next moon mission of 2023. …

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

David Suzuki

“Born in 1936 in Vancouver, Canada, David Suzuki, a Japanese Canadian, was only six when his family was forced to move into an internment camp during the Second World War. Having lost everything following the war, his family relocated to Kaslo, a small town on Kootenay Lake. Suzuki spent most of his time in the Kootenay valley exploring and learning about different plant species (Suzuki, 2006, p. 22).”

The Feature Film of 1995 filmed in Kaslo, British Columbia Canada

My Home Town

It was a hot day. The evening was just upon us. I had spent the day at the beach, then wandering…

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Trending 2040

Trends in demographics and human development, environment, economics, and technology are laying the foundation and constructing the bounds of our future world. These trends are becoming more intense in some areas, such as changes in our climate, the concentration of people in urban areas, and the emergence of new technologies.

Trends in other regions are more uncertain — gains in human development and economic growth are likely to slow and reverse in some areas. However, a mix of factors could change this trajectory.

The Future is Now

Today, it is easier than ever to travel across the world in a few hours, watch any…

Photo by Kate Trifo from Pexels

Transporting Your Goods

Globalization has made the world much smaller, a shift that has benefited businesses of all sizes and industries. With a diverse global supply chain, your company can stimulate growth by reducing costs, increasing volume and improving efficiency. But globalization also comes with risks.

Suppose your company depends on a network of suppliers worldwide. In that case, your supply chain is always vulnerable to disruption from factors outside your control, like natural disasters, tariffs, shortages or geopolitical clashes.

  • Nearly 75 percent of U.S. businesses have experienced supply chain disruption.

The Risks of Global Supply Chain

Insurance isn’t the only risk you face when you run your business…

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Born Canadian

Seriously, I do not know what race I am. Am I alone? Am I the only person in Western Culture that does not know their ancestry? We all know those do-it-yourself DNA kits do not solve the riddle of DNA and its historical biography. Unfortunately, my autobiography would be very modern-focused, mostly on my life while I was alive.

Despite coming from a family very strong in their core values, it would hardly touch on my relatives. Am I racist because I did not particularly appreciate that a man killed a local doctor? That was near my local community. …

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

One World Currency — United Nations

UN experts believe that cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers them (blockchain) play an essential role in sustainable development and improving environmental stewardship. One of the most valuable aspects of cryptocurrencies, as far as the UN is concerned, is transparency. Because the technology is resistant to tampering and fraud, it can provide a trusted and transparent record of transactions. This is particularly important in regions with weak institutions and high levels of corruption. So Doconomy was born.

The Rise and Fall of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies were born in 2009 with the creation of Bitcoin. Today, they are valued at more than…

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

“Doconomy is the World’s First Digital Currency Designed to be Used by Everyone.”

I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming! — “China is the Future,” they say…
Social Credit Score Coming Soon —

Well, it’s here, and it has been since 2019, believe it or not! Doconomy, the documentation of the economy jammed packed in a convenient little MasterCard.

  • The difference is this card regulates your carbon consumption and shuts the card down when you have “used up all your carbon credits.”

By implementing DO Mastercard and Doconomy lets users’ values guide their everyday consumption towards more sustainable choices…

Opal A Roszell

Inspiring Social & Emotional Competency in Online Communities. Savouring the flavour of life. Freelance Writer & Content Creator 4 Hire @opaliving

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