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Opal A Roszell
2 min readDec 28, 2021


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The Crane

Old fashion tales of prayers for peace have proven not to be in the scope. Instead, we must seek some science and spiritual grasps when coming to terms with having your prayers answered.

I say this because thought frequencies omitted from your mind are interacting with the world around us. Not just the physical world around us, but all that could be, or is or was. We don't know about things in this universe, possibly even things right in front of our eyes.

And for this, a great point is made when you think of the same thought, and it is positive, with intent, there is a scientific possibility that we are manifesting what we think about most into our realities.

This may sound somewhat like the "Law of Attraction." Those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, kindly click the link above. Otherwise, I give you a better strategy, a more tangible, quicker direct way of getting your mind hinged on a positive thought on repeat.

Like that of whatever it is you wish for. Or pray for. Deep inside, you yearn for. This singular thing will make this frequency omit just what you want; FOLD 1000 paper cranes.

Every crane you make, think about your wish with intent and value that creativity is a productivities frequency generated by one's internal energy. You create that frequency and attract what you think about most.

Your wish will come true just as the Japanese Story says of 1000 paper cranes. Search up on Medium more about Papercranes and find my other heartwarming personal stories of this success.

Enjoy and remember to think positively and passionately about your desire. It will come true.

Careful what you wish for.

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